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Ultra-Lean Note Taking App

StickiesPro is a fast, elegant Mac Sticker app providing effortless synchronization with StickerPro for your iPhone. It features AutoFrame for size adjustment of notes, a clean, straightforward user interface, and Stickies History for easy retrieval of past notes.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five Stars Reviews

I love this app. Just simple and fast. It would be amazing to develop a copy and memorize tool. Simple as this: click right, memorize. You get the text you selected in a sticker.

Theo_Phile French

Great colors, easy to size, keep on top and move around. I use it for alot of content creation and synchs well with my iPhone.

Sean K Michael CEO

the pin function is super helpful. also super good as can choose which destop to show. super nice that can sync with different mac and ios. For further improvement, i think can add a checklist function. Great apps. It is a better verion of the already nice mac stickers app.

mtretwdch Doctor

this app is the best compared to all others memo sticker app. easy to use. havn't found bugs yet

ntm1997 Designer

Syncs perfectly between Mac and MacBook. I would like to see some simple formatting options though, like bold, italic and underlined text. Update: Thank you for adding formatting options, amazing!

Sandeurknop Programmer

Je cherchais une application de post-it qui pouvait se synchroniser entre plusieurs mac et j'ai trouvé mon bonheur!

CrazyTony62 Tony

Stickies Pro Can Boosts 90% Text Work!